Tortuguero Village Welcomes You Tortuguero truly is paradise.  There are no cars or streets and nature is literally bursting into town.  On one side of the village, rivers and waterways beckon you to paddle deep into the jungle and experience nature unperturbed.  On the other side of the village a Caribbean beach welcomes thousands of sea turtles to nest every year.  This website was developed and is maintained as a collaboration  between the Peace Corps (a US volunteer organization) and the local residents of Tortuguero.  Our goal is to give prospective visitors, tourists, and the world an opportunity to glimpse the beautiful town of Tortuguero, Costa Rica from the perspective of the community itself. This website is intended to increase awareness of the resources, locally owned micro-enterprises, and opportunities the town of Tortuguero can offer a visitor, student, or tourist. We hope to see you soon, Pura Vida!, Tortuguero Village
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