From Tortuguero to the world is a website maintained by the community of Tortuguero with the aim of offering you a space with centralized and updated information that allows you to plan your visit to Tortuguero.

We are not here to sell tours

We do not want to bombard you with ads, offers and packages; Instead we offer you the tools to choose for yourself the activities, guides and accommodation that you want.

Tortuguero Village

"The meaning of Green"

We want to offer you a website committed to preserving natural resources and that reflects the conservationist mentality of the community and our visitors.

Money is not our goal

Our goal is not and will never be to produce profits for the benefit of a few. The money received by the affiliates is destined to the maintenances and constant improvement of this website.

A voice for the community

This portal seeks to provide the people with a space where they can offer their products and services and show the world its identity and culture.

A new face was created in 2007 by two volunteers from the Peace Corps who saw the need for the people of Tortuguero to show the world its attractions. On January 1, 2017 we honor their legacy with a modern and updated version of

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