Silvia and JJ

Tortuguero has always been a magical and special place to me...

Here's where jungle meets ocean and giant turtles come to breed.
Having worked in tourism and lived in Tortuguero for years now I know all the nicest places and all the guides in town. And I know what it's like to be a tourist, and what a good time means to me.

I'm an independent booking service who gives you the opportunity to reserve hotel rooms/cabinas in the pueblo at prices between $8 USD and $25 USD p.p. per night. I also do reservations for the lodges in the area.

My service includes: reservation of rooms, pick-up at the dock to welcome you in, drop off at the hotel, and if so desired, the booking of tours, TRANSPORTATION, and package-deals IN / FROM, or (from Tortuguero) TO: San Josè, La Fortuna/Arenal, Moin, Limon, Cahuita and Puerto Viejo.
I can also book your rental car for you.

If you like, I can book your tour(s) with a (licensed) local guide.
Or, if you wish, with a specialist, botanist or biologist (,in which case sometimes we have to find you an empty spot in their schedules and book your stay around that).
Aside from the canoe-, night-, hiking-tours and the turtle-tours (moms and/or baby-turtles), there is also the opportunity to do a canopy-tour, or a fishing tour (ocean or river).
Any tour you want, I can arrange, at no extra cost than the standard prices in town.

We also have possibilities for you to rent kayaks and canoes.

Budget-minded, or looking for a little more luxury, I'm into it all, and always do my very best to make your visit to Tortuguero a little more personal and easy. I also welcome (big) groups. (Ask for group-rates.)

No deposits need to be made, but you do need to book 1 month in advance for high season (July - October), and one week in advance in the rest of the year.

I'm originally from Holland, and speak Dutch, Spanish and English. I am also available as a guide or for translation during tours for groups of NEDERLANDERS.

For more information, or for booking, contact me at my email-address:

I'm looking forward to hearing from you!